Silver plated Kiddush Cup and Tray - Jerusalem Design

Silver plated Kiddush Cup and Tray - Jerusalem Design

Height 9 cm / 3.5"

Product Description

This Kiddush cup and matching plate have a classic design that will appeal to the traditional taste. The base of the Cup carries delicate engravings of Old City Jerusalem, a motif that re-appears on many ritual items. We recommend this as a gift item for births, bar mitzvahs or any other milestone occasion.
Kiddush plays an important role in the life of the Jew. It preludes the start of the Shabbat or Festival meal. Filled to overflowing with wine or grape juice, the Kiddush is recited. All those present answer “amen” and sip from the wine. With the Kiddush, the bridge from weekday to Shabbat has been crossed. The tensions of the week are left behind and all present bask in the relaxed and tranquil atmosphere that characterizes the Shabbat meal.
To care for the Cup - wipe well after use and shine from time to time with a silver cleaning solvent. It will give you lasting wear.


SKU: PL-P217
Size: Height 9 cm / 3.5"
Type: Shabbat
Materials: Silver plated metal
Kiddush cup height: 3.5"
Tray diameter:5.2"

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Great quality kiddush cup

We bought this for our 10 year old who didn't want to wait till he is 13 to start making his own Kiddush, a half a year later I am back with my review about this item. Well the design and manufacture are beautiful that you can see from the picture, the reason why I was waiting with my comments was to see how nicely(or not nicely) this cup would last, and I am happy to report that so far it has proved to be a great item, that if you take care of like they suggest on the site, this cup will indeed give you lasting wear. So go ahead buy this cup, you won't regret it.

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