Kosher Wool Tzitzit Strings Machine Made

By Talitnia

Kosher Wool Tzitzit Strings Machine Made

By Talitnia
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  • Machine-spun kosher tzitzit string
  • Length of 4 leading strings: 112cm / 44.1" , Length of 12 strings: 88cm / 34.6"
  • Includes enough loose string to tie all 4 corners, prior knowledge in tying is necessary
  • Made in Israel, comes with Kashrut certification.
  • In Stock, usually Leaves Warehouse within 24 hours.

Product Description

Do you know how to tie your own tzitzit? Here is a package of machine-made wool tzitzit threads. The bundle contains 16 threads of which four are the longer ones. You can do the knotting and tying with joy it is a great merit!

According to Halachah, the strings must be made from wool. Each string comprises two threads twisted together that have been spun together specifically for the purpose of tzitzit. Hence the importance of reputable Kashrut certification.
It is important to be familiar with the knotting and tying technique before doing it alone.

Length of 4 leading strings - 112cm / 44.1"
Length of 12 strings - 88cm / 34.6"


Material: Wool

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Good Product

I found the tzitzit very short

Tzitzit strings

Even when I buy a tallit with tzitzit I prefer to change them and attach new ones. I have taught my children how to do it too.

Very good wool Tzitzit wires

These wires are awesome! But... I also have the handmade kosher wires, and I have to say if you want the best gwtbthe handmade because there is a difference and I think that the handmade are more attractive to the eye and feel nicer. I do love these very much though for a cheaper alternative

Tzitzit strings

Fits perfectly with my Radzin tekhelet tzitzit strings.

came from the Holy Land

I could have purchased the tzitzit locally but wanted threads that came from the Holy Land. Makes my Tallit especially holy.

Business Owner



Great chut dak. Used them for my talit katan.

Good quality

I am very content to have them, I keep them in case I have to replace one of my Tallit.

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