Handmade Sefaradi Thick Tzitzit

By Talitnia

Handmade Sefaradi Thick Tzitzit

By Talitnia
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  • Thick Handmade Sefaradic wool Tzitzit bundle
  • Highest level of Kashrut, under the certification of Badatz and Rabbi Shelomo Machphud
  • The bundle contains 16 threads (4 leading strings and 12 strings)

Product Description

Here is a bundle of thick handmade wool tzitzit threads made in accordance with the Sefardic tradition. They conform to the strictest halachic specifications and carry a fully-recognized certificate of Kashrut. One of the laws regarding the preparation of the tzitzit threads is that the spinning has to be done or at least supervised by a Jew over the age of bar mitzvah.

Before knotting and tying your own tallit katan, make sure that you are familiar with the relevant laws.

The bundle contains 16 threads (4 leading strings and 12 strings)


Material: Wool

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This is the Real Stuff! Authentic from the Holy Land!

If you're looking for the same quality thread to make Tzit Tzits like you find on authentic Tallit Prayer Shawl like your have seen from Israel, then look no further. You will be very pleased with either the "Thin" or "Thick" Sefardic Thread. Most men will prefer the THICK, and THIN is excellent choice for ladies and children. Each package will comes pre-cut to make 1 complete set of tzits tzits (4). Each strand is just long enough to tie and trim to length.

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