Heavy-weight Original Blue Tekhelet - Radzin

By Talitnia

Heavy-weight Original Blue Tekhelet - Radzin

By Talitnia
$26.38 - $34.09

Product Description

Here are four thick blue threads appropriate for the four corners of your tallit Gadol. They carry the certification of Radzin and have been prepared in accordance with their tradition.

Radzin Techelet is normally sold as a package of four blue strings only, so most people select the complete set option, which comes with 12 white strings as well. You may choose to buy it either with Handmade Sephardi Thick Tzitzit under the certification of Badatz and Rabbi Shelomo Machphud, or with Handmade Ashkenaz Thick Tzitzit under the certification of Badaz and Rabbi Karelitz.

The blue dye has been prepared by a special process in accordance with the Radzin tradition. It can happen that the blue will rub off to your fingers or on the tallit katan whilst you prepare the knots. This is quite usual and is no cause for concern.

In the words of the Shema, we are instructed to have a blue thread on the tzitzit. However over the years the secret of the source of this special dye was forgotten. In recent time, Radzin Chassidut investigated and announced that they have unraveled the secret of the techelet blue dye. This was accepted by many who now incorporate the blue thread in their tzitzit. Others claim that we must wait until the Moshiach comes before the secret will be revealed.


Brand: Radzin
Made in Israel


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