Light of Jerusalem Anointing Oil 7.5 ml

Light of Jerusalem Anointing Oil 7.5 ml

Light of Jerusalem Anointing Oil 7.5 ml

7.5 ml. - 1/4 oz

Product Description

The Light of Jerusalem Anointing Oil in a 7.5 ml bottle is a specially crafted oil intended for use in religious ceremonies, personal prayer, and spiritual practices. This anointing oil is inspired by the ancient city of Jerusalem and aims to encapsulate the spiritual essence and light of this sacred place. The scent is usually a harmonious blend of floral, woody, and spicy notes, creating a rich and uplifting aroma that is both soothing and inspiring.
The calming and inspiring fragrance aids in creating a peaceful atmosphere, conducive to prayer and meditation, utilized to purify and sanctify spaces, enhancing the spiritual ambiance and invoking a sense of divine presence.
The oil is meant to represent the light and holiness of Jerusalem, a city of profound religious significance for many faiths. Using this oil can help connect the user to the spiritual heritage of Jerusalem. The Light of Jerusalem anointing oil serves as a reminder of the divine light and guidance believed to emanate from this sacred city.
The Light of Jerusalem Anointing Oil is a symbol of divine light, holiness, and spiritual connection to the sacred city of Jerusalem. It is intended to bring a sense of peace, purity, and spiritual enlightenment to those who use it in their religious and spiritual practices.


SKU: EG-7290101165057
Size: 7.5 ml. - 1/4 oz
Brand: Ein Gedi

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