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We’ve gone through our website and culled the items purchased most often from aJudaica for your convenience. These products are popular for their beauty and religious importance, featuring prominently in daily Jewish observance. Each home has a Mezuzah, Tefillin are placed every weekday and the Tallit is worn for prayers daily.

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The religious articles featured here are used daily by Jews worldwide. Every morning, one dons his Tallit and Tefillin (which are not placed on Shabbat), and pours out his heart to G-d, with thanks and prayers. The Tallit is firmly held in place by a decorative clip, designed with traditional Jewish themes, and make a practical and beautiful gift. The innovative T-Shirt with attached Tzitzit allow one the freedom of a comfortable garment which is already affixed with the fringes, making for a cool, easy to wear garment which conforms to Halacha (Jewish Law).

The commandment to place a Mezuzah on every doorpost in a Jewish home was given by G-d who commanded His people to keep His words constantly in mind and heart. The Shema prayer is hand written by a scribe in an especially prescribed manner and placed within the case, and then affixed to the doorpost.

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