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Showing 1-9 out of 9 items

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Our Kid's Clothing category covers Jewish clothing worn by children, boys and men. Here are some of the items you will find there…

Tallit Katan

It is an exciting moment when a young boy dons his first tallit katan at the age of three. Our Tallit Katans, illustrated with entertaining designs, will endear the garment to the child. They are made from durable cotton-polyester with the 100% kosher tzitzit attached.

White Knitted Kippot

To help young children enjoy their head covering, get him one of our white knitted children's kippot with a child's design applique. These make lovely gifts for grandsons, neighbors kids or just about any young boy whom you wish to please.

Tzitzit Undershirt

This is a brilliant idea for hot summer days, for summer hikes or for active children who don’t have time or patience to tuck in an extra garment. The undershirt is made of sturdy cotton and it comes with the 100% kosher tzitzit attached to the four corners. Of course, for an additional charge, you can choose different tzitzit or the techelet blue thread.

T-Shirt Tzitzit

This is becoming increasingly popular especially during the hot active summers when boys and men do not wish to compromise their observance of the Tzitzit mitzvah. The V-neck T-shirt is made of cotton-polyester mix and it comes in a choice of sizes. The kosher tzitzit are attached at the corners and in keeping with halachah, there are slits up the two side seams that are discreetly closed with snaps.

So, you can truly enjoy our kids clothing section. It has been designed to present Judaica items that are comfortable and at the same time attractive for children. And of course 100% kosher.

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