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It wasn’t so many years ago that children’s books almost didn’t exist. Today, there are entire bookstores devoted to selling them. There are new titles coming off the printing press every month - books for all ages and interests. You will find kid's books for entertainment, for study, for reference and for spiritual input. Best selling books are often reprinted.

One of the blessings of this new phenomenon is that the classic Jewish books, used daily, on Shabbat or during special Festival Days, have been given a new look with illustrations and accompanying stories specifically geared for the younger generation.

The aJudaica Selection

Scroll through our Kids Book section. You will find there a Megillat Esther, a Siddur and a book presenting fascinating stories on the weekly parshah. In addition, there are children's books for Chanukah, Tu Beshvat and the High Holidays. Whatever the occasion, these books with their attractive colorful cover and layout will take pride of place in the child's library and will be read and enjoyed by the entire family.

Also in this section are a series of books from the famous Malchut Waxberger with his original and innovative approach to children's books. Whoever picks up a product displaying his design cannot put it down easily. His 3D books are a unique accomplishment. Each book in this series comes with a pair of 3D glasses. Wear them and the pictures on the page become alive and vivid.

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The Jews are known as the "People of the Book." Books take pride of place in a Jewish home. So, read and enjoy any of the books in our selection and derive pleasure from presenting them as gifts to your dear ones.

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