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Stationery with Jewish Themes


In today's worlds of digital technology, using pens, pencils and writing paper sounds almost archaic a charming memory of the past. Yet, in spite of the speed and efficiency of modern communication tools, there is a unique pleasure to be derived from writing and receiving handwritten notes. We feel that every home needs to have some stationery letter writing paper on hand. Handwritten notes on decorative stationery are a beautiful way to invite, express appreciation, share inspirational ideas and thoughts, to comfort, encourage and extend good wishes and blessings.


Stationery decorated with a Jewish theme has a special flavor. At aJudaica, we offer a choice of beautifully styled sheets of stationery that are appropriate for the Jewish Holidays. You will find some pretty paper with Chanukah designs perfect for those personal invitations to your parties. Use them on Chanukah for reminders, lists or notes. Our Sukkah stationery depicts boys and girls building the Sukkah - a lovely gift for the kids. Kindergarten teachers will adore the stationery entitled "Mah Chadash Be'gan" What is News in our Kindergarten! There is stationery with a Purim design perfect for the personal note you wish to add to your mishloach manot. When you want something more personal than printed or digital Rosh Hashanah cards, use our delightful Rosh Hashonah stationery to send New Year blessings. The decorative Shabbat Shalom sheets are a beautiful way to personally welcome your guests or to add to your hostess gift. And of course, there is the classic scroll design appropriate for any occasion.


A package of Judaica stationery is a lovely party gift. They come in packages of 40 sheets. So, you can give them to the kids as individual sheets for prizes or present them as gifts. They will be enjoyed and appreciated and will serve as a way to keep up those almost forgotten writing skills!

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