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Jewish Theme Stickers

Stickers have been around for many years. They are used for just about anything and everything. But you won't find anywhere the huge choice of children's stickers that we offer you in our aJudaica selection.

We look on stickers as an important education, social and play tool. So that children will enjoy using them and adults enjoy giving them, our stickers are colorful and expressive – fun to use and even more fun to stick.

There are endless possibilities. Children can decorate gift cards, scrapbooks, school books or class projects. They are wonderful for craft projects. They will keep the kids occupied on a rainy day. They are also fun reminders of the upcoming Festival with separate stickers for Purim, Chanukah, Sukkot and others. They also keep alive the traditional love of Israel as well as providing pictorial reminders of the country's great landmarks.

For teachers, there is a huge choice of Hebrew alef bet stickers and vowels to help the children master reading and writing skills and also create name labels. There are stickers for teaching basic Hebrew vocabulary, the Jewish months, blessings and even Sayings of the Sages. Teachers and kindergarten teachers will enjoy using the Shabbat Shalom and other Shabbat stickers.

Our encouragement stickers are used by teachers to reward good deeds and good behavior. They are also an incentive for parents who keep wall charts and they are the perfect gift for Savta to keep in her pocketbook to whip out whenever she wants to give a little something to that special child.

Our choice at aJudaica seems endless. Scroll through and enjoy the color, the variety and the themes. Whether you are parent, teacher, or grandmother, you will want to have a selection available for the kids – the young and not so young!

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