Tallit Katan

The tallit kattan serves as a garment for the tzitzis, as a constant reminder of our obligations to God and His commandments.

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Tallit Katan

A Tallit Katan is a specially designed undergarment with Tzitzit, ritual fringes, attached to its four corners. It is worn under the shirt throughout the day in fulfillment of the Biblical command, “You shall put fringes on the corners of your garment.” (Bamidbar 15:38).

AJudaica offers a full range of Tallit Katan for adults and children in a choice of sizes. You can choose one with tzitzit - ready to slip over the head and wear immediately or you can buy the fringes separately and attach them yourself. There is a choice of Ashkenaz, Sefardi or Yemenite tzitzit knotting with the option of adding the traditional techelet blue thread. All Ajudaica tzitzit are fully Kosher and come with the appropriate kashrut certificate.

The usual custom is that a child begins wearing a tallit katan when he is three years old. To help make the mitzvah of tzitzit exciting for your little boy, we offer a full selection of colorful attractive junior Tallit Katans. Each one has a Jewish theme, whether it is the train pulling along the building blocks that spell out the words,” I am three years old” or the pictures of lively children praying, studying Torah or playing together. There is something for everyone – even a Yiddish, Chabad or Breslev design. Of course, active little boys will need more than one tallit katan so choose a few and enjoy seeing how happy your little boy is to wear his special tallit katan.

For adults, there is the traditional classic wool Tallit Katan. If you prefer a more lightweight garment, choose a cotton or mesh Tallit Katan. In recent years, the comfortable undershirt style has become popular, especially during the hot summer months. The fringes are attached to the undershirt and this saves wearing an extra garment. They are made from 100% cotton – ideal for active sport-loving youngsters.

Tzitzit are a Jewish uniform. So, wear your Tallit Katan with joy, proud of this expression of your identity and loyalty to G-d, Creator of the world.

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