Tzitzit T-Shirt

T Shirt with Tzitzit attached

Like so many other inventions the T Shirt with Tzitzit attached makes you want to ask: why did it take so long for someone to think of this fantastic idea?!

The weather is hot and clammy and you are finding it increasingly difficult to wear three layers – undershirt, tallit katan and shirt. Of course, you do not wish to compromise on the mitzvah of tzitzit. You want to continue wearing your arba katan throughout the day but you also want to feel comfortable whilst you engage in hikes or sports.

Ajudaica offers you the perfect solution – an innovative and practical four-cornered Tshirt with Tzitzit attached to the corners. There are slits on the sides that can be closed with snaps. They come in a choice of sizes in white, grey, black or blue colors. The fabric is easy-care cotton and polyester or denim.

The T-shirt comes with Tzitzit attached so all you have to do is slip it over your head and run to the sports field. They are an absolute must for camps and vacation trips and our customers usually buy a few so that they can be changed and washed regularly.

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