Adult Denim Blue T-Shirt with Tzitzit

Adult Denim Blue T-Shirt with Tzitzit


Product Description

As a conscientious Jew, even whilst doing sports or jogging, you still want to continue wearing tzitzit. Here is a comfortable solution tzitzit attached to the four corners of a denim T-shirt. The slits on the sides can be closed with snaps. The garment, colored an attractive blue, meets all the halachic specifications and has a certificate of kashrut. It is made from 60%cotton-40% polyester and will give you long wear.

Choose from the various sizes that are listed. Note that for an additional cost, the techelet-blue thread can be added.

The Kosher Certification is from the Chief Rabbinate of Tel Aviv.


Materials: Cotton and Polyester

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Special Features

Techelet-Blue Thread (extra 4 days on delivery)


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