Extra Large Yemenite Kudu Shofar - Half Polished Half Natural

Extra Large Yemenite Kudu Shofar - Half Polished Half Natural

$147.48 - $168.58

Product Description

Extra Large Yemenite Shofar with half polished half natural finish and a length of 40"-44".

(Measurement is around the outside curve of the Shofar)

Easy Blow, non scented.

Kosher under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate.

When purchasing this shofar you will receive our informative Shofar Guide with tips on blowing and caring for your shofar.

Recent review from a repeat customer:

I want to thank you for sending the two jumbo 44 to 45 inch. shofars so quickly. I ordered one on the 16th and the other on the 17th, I received both on the 24th of March 2009, They are both the half polished & half natural, they are both beautiful and are now being used by friends of mine that heard me sounding the shofar and decided they wanted to be called " TOKEA " servers. They are now practicing and soon will be at my side sounding the shofar !! I originally bought my shofar in 2005. Thanks for coming thru and delivering what you promise in super time & condition. I'll be ordering again soon.... Jerry in Houston,Texas

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Average rating: 4.3 / 5.0 based on 3 reviews


My shofar measures 39" around the curve so I am a little disappointed that it was smaller then the advertised size. Also, very smelly. I used an entire bottle of the odor neutralizing spray and a year later, the shofar still smells. I don't blow it in the house because it smells. I am in the process of waiting fir my 51"-52" Shofar to arrive and hope the size is true and also hope it does not smell as bad as the original purchase. I will review that when it arrives.

Excellent Shofar

I bought a shofar for my fiance last fall, and he absolutely loves it. I ran late in ordering it on time to arrive before his birthday. To my surprise, it shipped a lot sooner than I thought, and I was able to give it to him after just three weeks. The appearance is beautiful with the natural texture. He really likes the sound, and he can even blow it in a four or five note range. We have enjoyed using it on sabbaths and feast days. I will definitely recommend ordering from this web site.


Much better sound compared to smaller shofars I currently have. Excellent finish.

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