Jumbo Yemenite Polished Shofar

Jumbo Yemenite Polished Shofar

$187.53 - $295.03

Product Description

You will be thrilled to own this Jumbo Yemenite Shofar with its easy-blow and beautiful polished finish. The quality of the sound is quite exceptional clear, crisp and very distinct.

Hand-crafted in Israel, it comes in sizes ranging from 45-52. The length is measured around the curve. We have hundreds of Shofars in stock so there is immediate delivery. Every Shofar is thoroughly checked for quality and sound before shipping and it carries the Rabbinate certification. The Shofar pictured is illustrative - color and shape of the product may vary.

For generations past, Yemenite Jews used the long striking spiral Shofars. Today, they are popular and are used and enjoyed all over the world. The horns originate from the Kudu, a large antelope found in south or east Africa.

The Yemenite Jewish community has a unique and distinguished history. Over the centuries, they were isolated from mainstream Jews. Their customs and traditions were transmitted from father to son and many of them have holy sources that go back to ancient times. After the State of Israel was declared, the dramatic Magic Carpet project brought most of them to Israel although there are flourishing communities in the USA too.

When purchasing this shofar you will receive our informative Shofar Guide with tips on blowing and caring for your shofar.


Handmade in Israel
Certified Kosher
Material: African Kudu
Size: Jumbo
Finish: Polished

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Matching Velvet Shofar Bag
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Average rating: 4.9 / 5.0 based on 18 reviews

Jumbo shofar

I was very pleased with the first order I received all shofar sounded great, then I place the second order for a 51 to 52 in shofar but when I received it it only measure to 50 and half inches in this one I had to send it to a shofar repair Ministry where the mouthpiece had to be redone because the mouthpiece was very narrow and could not glow the shofar the mouthpiece was very small for a shofar that size. Would probably not buy this jumbo size shofar again but the 40-inch range seems to be better

Rams and Yeminate shofars

Thank you for sending me 2 great shofars and for the quick delivery.

Shofar 46"... I Loved!!! 5 Stars!

Awesome! I loved. I bought a beautiful 46" shofar. Its color is beautiful and its size is impressive. It has a strong and powerful sound easy to blow. The smell is minimal, but I filled it with coffee for several days and it was solved. Coffee aroma, jajaja! The communication was constant and precise, they were very kind and resolved my doubts. I definitely recommend buying here.

Jumbo Yemenite Polished Shofar

This Jumbo Yemenite Polished Shofar. It came to me sooner than I expected and it is beautiful. The mouth pieces was carved out just right. I thought I was going to have to do some work on it but I did not have to. I also bought the Velvet Shofar Bag. The cost was worth it. Frankly I don't think I could have had someone make it for less. It to was beautiful. This came to me the day before Passover. Though I did not ask for that. But I feel they new that and with out asking they just put a little extra into it. Thank GOD for touching there heart. Guess who I am going to talk about.

exact size

I measured this Shofar - exactly what I ordered - kol ha'kavod. Looks even better than the picture online. will be buying another one soon and only from your company.

Almost odor free

why do you write scentless when it isnt. I know it is an animal product and from what I read and heard from others, I was expecting the smell. I got rid of it easily but would rather you had said - almost odor free or say that you do your best to remove the smell but cant guarantee.

Very Nice Shofar

Fast delivery and quality shofar. Rather smelly insides, so make sure you purchase some odor neutralizer.


Since past 6 years I have had a desire of having my own Shofar. I used to ask everyone who used to go to Israel, but never happened. Thanks to aJudaica.com for helping me get it easily. I got a Beautiful Yemenite Shofar, love the sound and the quality. The proactive customer support is awesome and they have been with me in communication till I had it in my hand. Thank you team. Great Job, Wonderful Service.

Awesome 53" Yemenite Shofar

I was amazed by the size of this shofar when I received it. Easy to blow, and sounds quite amazing as well. A very nice polished finish to it as well. Great job to all the craftsmen. I am a happy customer with this particular shofar.

53" shofar

its a big shofar with great sound

Very Nice

42" Yemenite Shofar with great sound, excellent craftsmanship, and wonderfully polished. I'm a happy customer, and would most definitely recommend this company to others. Bradley, Canada


I enjoy my Shofar he came on time beautiful sound thank you


The Jumbo Yemenite Polished Shofar is amazing, so nice, his sound is wonderful, I love it, I'm happy with the Shofar, Recommended 100%!!!!

Jumbo Yemenite Polished Shofar

High Quality item. I was impressed when I received this item, and the best part is the price. Thanks ajudaica.


This one was my first Shofar, and I still use it. thank you a judaica


ordered large Yemenite Shofar, absoultely loved it. they came very fast. loved the shofar bag too. i just ordered another shofar for my pastor..i just wanted to bless her with it. thanks. Shalom.

Large Yemenite Shofar

Ordered a polished yemenite shofar - the largest ajudaica sells. Given the reasonable price, I was expecting a reasonable product and when it arrived, I was like "wow man, this is high quality stuff!" Good thing was it came with a free small Ram's Horn Shofar which I gave my kid to play with. Some top-end yemenite shofars sells for thousands of dollars and given the price of this one, it's just nice to have one of this size and the quality is really quite surprising. Have been thinking about getting a large Ram's Horn Shofar for identificational repentance prayer occasions re Daniel 9 and for shouting as one in the desert - Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near!


Ordered two Shofars. They came very fast. Took a little time to learn to blow them correctly but doing great now. Will be ordering more items.

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