Half Natural Half Polished Nostalgic Crown Yemenite Shofar

Half Natural Half Polished Nostalgic Crown Yemenite Shofar

$142.94 - $199.04
  • Half Natural finish Yemenite Kudu Horn Shofar with crown cut of ridges on the outside curve
  • Kosher approved by the Tel Aviv Chief Rabbinate
  • Handmade in Israel
  • Sizes 37" - 45" (measured around the outside curve)
  • Hand picked and tested for sound and quality

Product Description

The half natural-half polished Shofar is the answer to those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds! Its prestigious feature is the expert cutting of the outer surface of the Shofar, creating ridges in the shape of the crown. This was once the classic style of Yemenite Shofars. Hence, our name Nostalgia Shofar.

This Shofar is available in a choice of lengths and is perfectly kosher for ritual use.

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