Gold Colored Low Cost Tin Chanukah Menorah

By Judaica

Gold Colored Low Cost Tin Chanukah Menorah

By Judaica
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  • Gold colored tin Menorah for candles
  • Happy Hanukah written on backsplash
  • Perfect for children, students etc.

Product Description

Functional and low-cost – perfect if you wish to purchase a quantity. The eight candle-holders are at the front and the shamash is on the backsplash that is decorated with a dreidel and the words "Happy Chanukah" in Hebrew and English. Recommended for classroom or dormitory use. Makes a thoughtful Chanukah party gift.

For use with candles only.

In our Additional Items below you will find more Chanukah items to enhance your festive candle-lighting ceremony.


SKU: TRA-UK05603
Width 10" / 25 cm

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