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Hanukkah Menorah

Hanukkah Menorah

Light your Chanukah candles with these traditional Chanukah menorahs.

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Traditional Chanukah Menorah

These items are made of metal, either nickle, silver plate, pewter or brass and are formed in the most traditional style, with the lights in a straight line with the helper candle, or Shamash, set a bit apart. The height varies from quite small to very large, so you can choose one for each family member. There is no more beautiful sight than a row of Menorahs arrayed before your window or doorway, the tiny lights introducing much spiritual light and joy while families enjoy each others company. Many of them feature the lion design, some surrounding the Ten Commandments. The Chabad design is a classic straight line motif, universally used by Habbad adherents worldwide. The most simple aluminium one is inexpensive and will make any child very happy, especially when used with the colorful Hannukah candles.

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