Yair Emanuel Classic Contemporary Aluminum Chanukah Menorah - Colorful

Yair Emanuel Classic Contemporary Aluminum Chanukah Menorah - Colorful

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Small - 6.6 Inches

  • Traditional branched Menorah in a contemporary style
  • Colorful branches blend with colorful candle holders
  • Stem attached to silver base holds the taller shamash
  • Use candles - for holes of 1 cm diameter

Product Description

Yair Emanuel's colorful Chanukah menorah is both classic and contemporary. The branches and candle holders are in bright metallic colors. The silver colored base has a small step design and underneath it is a felt no-slip base. Use Hanukkah candles and enjoy their glow.

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SKU: YE-HO-1-Colored
Size: Small - 6.6 Inches
Artist: Emanuel Judaica
Small – YE-HO-4-Colored
Height: 6.6" / 17 cm
Width: 6.6" / 17 cm
Medium –YE-HR-4-Colored
Height: 8" / 20.3 cm
Width: 8.5" / 21.5 cm

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