Rams Horn Shofars

The classic Rams horn shofar traditionally blown in synagogues, in a range of colors from black to beige or light brown. A meaningful and significant gift with roots in ancient tradition.

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Showing 1-23 out of 23 items

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Ram's Horn Shofar

The sound made by the Ram's Horn Shofar is incomparable to anything else. The blows range from a strident blast to a low, mournful lowing, or alternately a loud cry. These horns have an inherent natural beauty, from the rugged natural ones with interesting ridges and color striations to the sleek highly polished ones. The majestic black shofar has a regal elegance of it's own. The rule of thumb is that the larger the shofar, the easier it is to blow, also because the mouthpiece is accordingly larger. Nontheless, shofar blowing is an art and must be learnt, just like any musical instrument. We offer shofar accessories such as shofar bags and odor neutralizer spray and check each one before shipping for sound and quality. They have been sterilized according the instructions from the Israeli Ministry of Health, and have all the necessary certification which we ship with them worldwide. We also have instructions on how to clean shofars, although we make sure they are cleaned here with a wire brush, sometimes a faint scent remains which can be removed with our shofar spray, or by pouring vinegar inside and letting it dry off naturally. As long as there are no pieces of organic material left inside, the odor will disappear. This is one of our customer favorites, and we ship many shofars daily.

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