Medium Rams Horn Shofar - Natural

Medium Rams Horn Shofar - Natural


A quality shofar crafted by prestigious Barsheshet-Ribak company

Product Description

This medium size ram’s horn has a natural finish. Handcrafted in Israel, it has the official certification of the Rabbinate.

At aJudaica, we examine every shofar to ensure that it stands up to our rigorous standards of sound and quality.

This Shofar comes in a size 13”-14”. The length of a shofar is measure along the outer edge not in a straight line. Note – shape and color may vary from the photograph.

The Shofar has been an integral feature of Jewish life ever since its rousing blast was heard on Mt. Sinai when the Jewish Nation received the Ten Commandments. It was used at all major events when the people were gathered and it will be the rallying call for the Jewish people when Moshiach comes – may this be speedily in our days!

When purchasing this shofar you will receive our informative Shofar Guide with tips on blowing and caring for your shofar.

Barsheshet-Ribak is an Israeli shofar company dating back hundreds of years, passed from father to son, who painstakingly craft the shofars with dedication and reverence for this spiritual item. Their shofars reflect unequalled beauty and quality craftsmanship recognized by shofar collectors and religious communities worldwide.


Size: 13"-14"
Handmade in Israel

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Medium Rams Horn Shofar - Natural

Very nice shofar, it blows very easily and the sound that comes out is strong and clear, just what I needed for the High Holiday Services.

Medium Rams Horn Shofar - Natural

Thank you, this shofar is just what our congregation needed for the high holidays, the sound came out strong and clear without too much effort on the chazans' part.

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