IDF Kippot & Hats

These aren't just any camouflage army caps, they're Israeli Army caps and kippahs!

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Showing 1-14 out of 14 items

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IDF Kippot and Hats

In many climates, hats are an essential item of clothing. A hat acts as a shade when the sun is hot and as a cover when it rains. It provides warmth, offers protection and reveals status. It conceals a balding scalp, attracts attention, declares ethnicity and enhances an outfit. Observant Jews wear head coverings at all times; it is part of the uniform of a religious Jew.

Whether or not you are a hat-wearer, you will want to scroll through our great selection of Israeli IDF hats. They will express your loyalty to Israel and your identity with the army's commitment to safety and security throughout Israel and beyond.

Our hats are "One size fits all" so you don’t have to bother with measurements. Just adjust the Velcro fastening at the back of the hat and it will sit neatly and comfortably on your head.

If you are familiar with the various regiments and divisions in the IDF, Israel's Defense Forces, you will want to choose the hat displaying its motto and emblem. Maybe you know someone who is, or has been, on active duty in the Paratroopers, Navy, Air Force, Border Patrols or Golani Brigade. We offers hats with their insignia. There is also a striking Cowboy style Camouflage Bush Hat – just right for summer hikes.

If you prefer Kippot rather than a hat, you will find a choice here. They carry the letters for Zahal – acronym for the army of Israel.

Whether you choose a Kippah, a baseball cap or rimmed hats for hiking, you will enjoy every minute wearing them and proudly displaying your loyalty and identity. They make great gifts too. So, wear and enjoy and send us a picture!

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