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The symbol which most represents IDF Israeli Army soldiers is the dogtag, or "diskit",with the Travelers Prayer on the reverse side. A great gift for your favorite guy!

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The need for identification tags dates back to the American Civil War when thousands of soldiers gave their lives for their country but there was no way to identify them. Soon afterwards, all soldiers had to wear identifying discs, nicknamed “dog tags.” The name remained.

Today, soldiers in the IDF receive two dog tags. One is wore unbroken around the neck and the other is broken into two halves and each half is inserted in the military boots.


Responding to popular demand, aJudaica presents a selection of imitation IDF dog-tags – a reminder of the tags worn by Israeli soldiers in combat time, allowing for easy identification in the unfortunate event of death or injury.


You will find in our selection a choice of soldiers’ identifying metal discs – durable and long lasting metal, colored bronze or pewter. On each one is engraved the letters Z.H.L., acronym for Tzavah Haganah Le’Yisrael, Israel’s Defense Forces with the familiar letters I.D.F. underneath. There is a choice of designs. You will find a Star of David, Menorah, Chai, Hamsas and a peace dove. There is the logo of the I.D.F. logo or the Jerusalem Municipality. Others display the emblem of the paratroopers, air force or armored corps. Each tag comes with a stainless steel ball chain length 26.5” / 68 cm. On the reverse side you will find an extract from the “Tefillat HaDerech,” the well-known Traveler’s Prayer recited at the start of a long trip requesting Divine protection for our journey.


An AJudaica dog tag is a fantastic souvenir. It is beautiful way to express your support for Israel’s army and your appreciation of the soldiers’ bravery as they defend and protect the country. Whether for yourself, a friend or a dear one, an I.D.F. dog tag pendant necklace will strengthen your pride in Israel’s armed forces and demonstrate your loyalty to Israel and its army.

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