IDF T-Shirts

The tough and professional Israeli Army Units are legendary. Here's a meaningful, practical and special gift for your favorite tough guy(and girl)!

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Showing 1-32 out of 35 items

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T-shirts have never been so popular. They are perfect for lounging at home, for sports, and for any activity when you want to feel relaxed and comfortable. They are inexpensive, stylish and popular with all age groups – especially the young and young in heart. T-shirts are also a wonderful way to carry fun messages and to make people smile. Their colorful prints demonstrate where you belong and what you care about.


AJudaica has a large collection of Tshirts to amuse, entertain, inform and of course to wear and enjoy! Enter the IDF (Israeli Army) T-shirts section and enjoy the wide choice depicting symbols and emblems of Israeli army units. Choose one of the well-known or maybe less well-known units. Show off your knowledge. Be in the know. Impress your friends.

All the shirts come in a choice of sizes and the sizing chart is clearly listed alongside each shirt so it is as easy as pie to choose what suits you. There is usually a choice of colors too and many styles are available in short or long sleeve. All are made from quality cotton. You can decide where to place the print - in its classic place at the front or as a tease – at the back. For most of the T-shirts, the print is in Hebrew and English so everyone can take a good look and read. You will find Givatim, Yamam, Air Force, Maglan, Golani, Navy Seals, Mossad and Oketz and many others. In short, almost all the IDF units are represented in our gallery.


So, scroll through and select the shirt that takes your fancy. They make wonderful gifts, especially after a visit to Israel. An Israeli army T-shirt demonstrates your love of Israel and your support of its soldiers and your respect for their dedication to defending the country and protecting its citizens.

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