Israeli Navy Patrol T-Shirt

Israeli Navy Patrol T-Shirt

Width: 20" Height: 26"


Product Description

The Navy Patrol, known by its name Shayetot 13, is famous all over the world for its soldiers’ courage and daring. Its strength is the element of surprise – catching the enemy unawares. Soldiers ed to join this unit undergo some of Zahal’s toughest training program – both on land and a sea. They perform many secret operations which are largely unknown and unrecognized.

The T shirts are made of quality 100% cotton and cone in a variety of sizes and colors.

S-Width: 20" Height: 26"
M-Width: 21" Height: 27"
L-Width: 22" Height: 29"
XL-Width: 23" Height: 31"
XXL-Width: 24" Height: 32"

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