Frik Kippah

These beautiful large crocheted kippot have their roots in the Breslav Hasidic movement, and have become widely popular among youth and adults alike!

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Showing 1-32 out of 56 items

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Frik Kippah

You don’t have to be a Breslev Hassid to enjoy and wear a Frik Kippah. They originated with this group but today their popularity is world-wide and you will find teens and adults in all walks of life proudly sporting these colorful large size caps on their heads – many of them with a picturesque pompom on the top.

A regular Kippah usually sits on the crown of the head. In contrast, a Frik Kippah covers most of the head. So, it sits comfortably and you can run for that bus or bicycle in the wind without worrying that it will blow off.

Ajudaica offers a select choice of Frik Kippahs. So, if you want to purchase one for yourself or a friend, scroll through and take your pick. For the more conservative there are plain black or white Friks. More adventurous designs feature colorful stripes. The Kippah with purple, orange, read and yellow stripes is particularly daring. And of course, there are the really special Kippot that sport on them the Breslev mantra Na, Nach, Nachm, Nachman.

Use our measuring chart to make sure that you receive the size that fits most comfortably on your head. Feel free to contact our staff if you wish to discuss your choice. They will be delighted to help you.

By the way, if you are wondering why it is called a Frik Kippah, we won’t be able to help you. For years, we have been trying to find out and we still don’t know. So, if you have the answer, please let us hear from you.

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