Buchari Kippah

These unique kippot with their rich patterns and lively colors originate in the Bucharian Jewish community of Central Asia. It is said that the Jews of Buchara trace their origins to the Babylonian exile. A Buchari kippah makes a special and meaningful gift!

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Showing 1-11 out of 11 items

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Buchari kippah - Bucharian Yarmulkes

The Jewish community of Bukhara, in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, traces its origins to the times of the Babylonian captivity. Throughout the centuries, the Jews maintained their identity and distinctive culture. In recent years, most emigrated to the USA and Israel, bringing with them their colorful exotic style of dress and home decoration, today highly popular and trendy.

Look through the aJudaica selection of Bukhara Kippot. You will see they all feature the traditional pillbox shape giving height and prominence. The generous width of the kippah means that it will sit easily on the head to be comfortably worn for a period of time. We offer a choice of traditional floral or geometric designs, all of them embellished with lively rich colors.

Whatever the occasion or time of the year, a Buchara Kippah is dignified and impressive; an all-time favorite. Children love wearing them, especially on Purim. Their affordable cost, starting from $4.50, makes them a delightful gift. Why not present each of the guests at your party with a Bukharan hat? The glorious array of designs and colors will make them a real conversation piece.

If you are ambitious and appreciate fine art, consider a Yair Emanuel hand- embroidered Bukharan hat decorated with vivid pictures. There are his traditional bird and flower designs, in addition to vibrant Jerusalem themes, embroidered on energetic red, evocative cream or an exciting burgundy colored fabric.

Whether it is for yourself or for a gift, you will always enjoy your Bukharan hat – a fitting tribute to an ancient community, saluting the brave Jews who maintained their identity and life-style and now share it with Jews the world-over.

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