Suede Kippah

These suede kippot can be ordered in fun solid colors, or personalized for a unique gift.

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Showing 1-9 out of 9 items

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Suede and leather Kippot

Although wearing a Kippah is not a specific Mitzvah, it has today become obligatory Jewish practice. It is a demonstration of Jewish identity and is always worn in the Synagogue or other Jewish ceremonial events. Ajudaica offers a full range of Kippahs suitable for every occasion in the Jewish community.

If you are looking for a Kippah suitable for a wedding or celebration or for wearing in the Synagogue – satin is a material of choice. It is comfortable, lightweight and low cost.

Ajudaica offers a selection of satin Kippot but you will notice that the majority are colored white – the favorite and most popular color. The white color can be plain or embroidered with a floral or other decorative design. Striking dramatic satin Kippot are those with a Blue Star of David or other Jewish decoration. The Jerusalem design is always a favorite. At weddings, bar/bat mitzvah parties, you can add to the atmosphere by wearing a Kippah with the words “mazal tov” written on it.

If you wish to make your wedding or Bar Mitzvah a really memorable occasion, why not distribute Kippot to your guest as a delightful memento. If you wish to discuss your purchase, just call up our office, and our staff will be happy to serve you.

Enjoy your new satin Kippah and in the words of the traditional Jewish blessing, “Wear in joy and good health!”

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