Jewish Pendants by Golan Studio

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Wearing a necklace with a Jewish pendant is a great fashion statement and also a declaration of identity and loyalty. It is an expression of your pride to be part of the chain of Jewish tradition.

A delight for the eye and soul are the Jewish pendants designed and created by Golan Studio. This studio-workshop was founded over 15 years ago by Golan Raibi, a devout Yemenite Jew who is keeping alive the age-old silver craftsmanship of his ancestors in Yemen. An on-going advanced Kabbala student, he personally engraves each item of his jewelry, infusing them with prayers and blessings.

The predominant motif in his Jewish Pendant collection is the Stars of David. For centuries this has been the most recognizable sign of Jewish identity. It is also known as a symbol of Divine protection so you will want to wear it at all times.

Golan brings you a variety of Star of David designs. For a dramatic touch, many of his stars are 14K gold, adding an elegant touch to the sterling silver. Others display incredibly beautiful filigree work, a traditional Yemenite skill – all hand engraved by Golan. Note the hammered silver or the Kotel design. There are also Mezuzah case pendants displaying exquisite craftsmanship with an added detail – personalize it by unscrewing the top and inserting your own talisman or keepsake.

Treat yourself to a Golan Studio Jewish pendant and enjoy a piece of jewelry that comes to you with love from Israel.

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