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Bracelets are popular with every age group. A beautiful fashion accessory, they add a finishing touch to any day or evening outfit. Choose a bracelet that carries a spiritual message too and then your piece of jewelry will bring blessing to both body and soul!

AJudaica brings you a selection of bracelets from Golan Studio. Golan, a proud Yemenite Jew, shares with us his Yemenite heritage – his devotion to Kabbala teachings and an expertise in silver craftsmanship, a traditional Yemenite profession that he is reviving.

Golan's bracelets – intended for men or women - have bands of sturdy black leather or sterling silver. At the front of each one is a sterling silver disc on which Golan has carefully inscribed Hebrew text. On some are words from the sacred Shema Yisrael prayer. Other bracelets feature the mystical Ana BeKoach declaration, known for its spiritual powers. Another bracelet features the Hamsa hand that shields and wards off the Evil Eye. Alongside are words from the Bible that refer to protection. Of special beauty is a leather strap bracelet featuring a bold gold Star of David with a red stone in the center.

Bracelets make a beautiful gift, suitable for any occasion. They are appropriate for a bat mitzvah, a birthday or simply to celebrate a special milestone in your life or that of a loved one. A bracelet that has a Jewish theme is a meaningful expression of pride and joy in your Jewish identity.

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