Silver Star of David Necklace by Golan Studio

Silver Star of David Necklace by Golan Studio

1" / 2.5cm (Diameter)

Product Description

Blending old and new!

A pendant to enhance your mood and your outfit. With love and precision, every detail of the filigree and floral art work is done by hand. In the center, in 14K gold, is a bold Star of David ancient and modern emblem of Jewish identity. The center of the Star is a warm deep red garnet stone suggesting warmth and protection.

Additional info:
This necklace is handmade by Golan Studio. Golan, a Yemenite Jew, is committed to reviving the ancient crafts of silverwork that was the pride of the Jewish community in Yemen. His creative work with its attention to detail continues a glorious tradition. The silver chain is not included but can be purchased separately under the additional items option.


SKU: GS-0111
Size: 1" / 2.5cm (Diameter)
Artist: Golan Studio
Materials: Sterling Silver
Star of David in 14k gold
Made in Israel

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