Silver Star of David Necklace by Golan Studio

Silver Star of David Necklace by Golan Studio

Diameter: 0.97 inch (2.43 cm)

Product Description

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A pretty sterling silver frame with an ornate design. In the center hangs a 14K gold Star of David ancient symbol of Jewish identity with deep Kabbalah meanings. The six points of the star symbolize the rule of G-d in the universe in all six directions north, south, east, west, above, and below. The star is a reminder that our only hope is to trust in G-d.

Addition info:
Designer Golan, a Yemenite Jew who is an expert in Kabalah, brings mystical formulas and specifications to the jewelry he designs and produces. The chain for this item should be purchased separately in the Additional Items option.


SKU: GS-164
Size: Diameter: 0.97 inch (2.43 cm)
Artist: Golan Studio
Materials: Sterling Silver
Star of David in 14k gold
Made in Israel

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