Round Ben Porat Mezuzah Case, Pewter

By Sty-IL
Round Ben Porat Mezuzah Case, Pewter

Round Ben Porat Mezuzah Case, Pewter

By Sty-IL

Product Description

This eye-catching pewter mezuzah case is filled with symbols representing protection from the evil eye. Above and below the traditional "shin", are the Hebrew words "Ben Porat Yossef" alluding to Jacob's blessing that his descendent will not be harmed by the evil eye. At the base is the protective Hamsa hand enclosing the Hebrew word "Chai" representing the blessing of a good life. The rounded finish of the case gives it a distinctive look.

Attach to the doorpost using the double sided tape on the reverse or by inserted nails in the top and the base of the case.

Mezuzah case is made in Israel with a ten year warranty.

The size given here refers to the size of the Mezuzah scroll appropriate for this case. The case itself is usually 1 larger.


SKU: SG-121771
5" / 12 cm

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