Extra Large Pewter Mezuzah Case with Blessing

By Sty-IL

Extra Large Pewter Mezuzah Case with Blessing

By Sty-IL
9.6" / 24.5 cm

  • Extra Large Mezuzah size 9.6" / 24.5cm
  • For Scroll up to 8.0" / 20cm

Product Description

Here is a striking extra-large pewter Mezuzah case. On a diagonal design, the letter “shin” is written at the front together with the moving words with which Moshe blessed the Jewish nation before his death, “Blessed are you when you enter and blessed are you when you depart.” An etching of the Seven Species at the base completes the design.

The large size and the wording on the case recommend it for the main entrance to your home. Made in Israel, it comes with a ten year warranty.

The size that is specified refers to the length of the parchment to be inserted not to the length of the case which is usually 1” longer. Use the double-sided tape for easy insertion. Attach to the wall with screws in the holes at the top and bottom of the case.


SKU: SG-201746
Size: 9.6" / 24.5 cm
Material: Pewter
Made in Israel

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