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Extra Large Mezuzah Cases for Synagogues and Institutions

When it comes to the large doorways of Synagogues, schools, archways or public buildings – a small size Mezuzah case looks out-of-place. For these structures, aJudaica offers a selection of large and extra-large Mezuzah cases ranging in size from 10cms-20 cms. They are made of pewter, stainless steel or aluminum. Many are designed by Israel’s most prestigious Judaica artists.

Dorit Judaica’s large Mezuzah cases display her hallmark pomegranate and leaf designs, highlighted with Swarovski stones that add an impressive gleam and glamor. The delicate design makes them especially appropriate when a relaxing harmonious environment is called for.

Agayof of brings to large Mezuzah case designs his clean classic unadorned style. The colors are bright and daring and place the traditional Mezuzah mitzvah into a modern contemporary format – a line that is especially popular for offices and school buildings.

For a Synagogue or study hall, we recommend the extra-large, gold colored Mezuzah with an elaborate frame around the case giving an impression of size and depth.

If you want a touch of color, there is a distinguished looking large size red or brown pewter Mezuzah case.

For contemporary style, try the round pewter Mezuzah, unadorned on the outside except for a modern-style “shin.”

Remember: due to humidity and natural aging, the letters on a mezuzah can become cracked or faded. So, a Mezuzah parchment should be checked by a recognized authority twice every seven years.

As a matter of interest - one of the world’s largest Mezuzah Cases was affixed to the upper entrance to the Kotel Plaza. Colored bronze, it is 1.4 meters long, 25 cms. wide and weighs 40 Kilos. The size and impressive appearance make it prominent feature of the entrance – a reminder to all of the Jewish People’s need for Divine Protection.

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