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These classic and elegant mezuzahs are beautiful and reasonably priced, too!

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Showing 1-13 out of 13 items

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Classic Simple Mezuzah Cases

We apologize for calling this category “Simple Mezuzah.” A Mezuzah is anything but simple! This small box affixed to our doorposts holds a sacred parchment that has been scrupulously written in accordance with Jewish law. This holy scroll brings Divine protection and G-dliness to the home and the lives of the residents.

Although the parchment can be attached directly to the doorpost, this is technically difficult. So, it is rolled into a special box known as a Mezuzah case. Ajudaica carries a comprehensive selection of more than 600 samples of Mezuzah cases. Many are handmade by prestigious artists and carry hallmark designs.

Alongside there is a full selection of Mezuzahs that are equally attractive in their looks and their price. If you are moving into a new home or an office and have many rooms that require a Mezuzah, the aJudaica selection will enable you to choose a quantity of cases that are elegant, durable and budget-priced.

The less expensive materials are plastic and aluminum. There is also a choice of brown colored brass Mezuzah cases. If you are looking for a sporty casual style, there are lots of colored Mezuzah cases. Consider a Jewish theme decoration – the Ten Commandments, Western Wall, candle, crown or sefer Torah design. Others are elegant with a sleek, no-fuss front…..

Ajudaica has something for everybody’s taste, style and pocket. Choose one of our so-called “simple” Mezuzah cases and enjoy the compliments of all who stop to view, admire and ask you where you bought it!

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