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Hoshen Breastplate Mezuzah Cases

The Hoshen, also called Choshen, is a popular theme found on many of aJudaica’s Mezuzah cases. It refers to the twelve precious stones that made up the Breastplate, one of the eight holy garments worn by the High Priest in the times of the Temple. The stones were engraved with Hebrew letters and when consulted, they would light up to provide Divine answers.

Each of the stones represented another of the Twelve Tribes and so, the Hoshen has come to represent the profound unity of the Jewish People - so nobly demonstrated in times of war and stress. What a beautiful theme for a Mezuzah – affixed on the doorposts - the first item of décor that welcomes family and guests to our home.

The traditional Hoshen design is colorful and is always an attractive decoration on Mezuzah cases. It adds depth and significance and gives a distinctive look to the case. Choose from our selection of Hoshen designs on pewter, silver plate or wood. Be assured that you have a quality, budget priced Mezuzah that will look just right wherever it is affixed.

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