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Our unique and lively childrens mezuzahs will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike!

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Mezuzah Cases for Children's Room

Designing Mezuzahs specifically for children is a brilliant idea that is becoming increasingly popular in Israel and abroad. Whatever his age or interests, a personal Mezuzah on the door of his bedroom or playroom, will endear the mitzvah of Mezuzah and will help to make it more meaningful for him.

Many have the custom that on entering or leaving a room, they brush the Mezuzah lightly with their fingers and then kiss the fingers. In one of his talks, the Rebbe of Chabad recommended that children should kiss the Mezuzah before going to sleep at night to reinforce their awareness that G-d watches over him and all that is in his room. A colorful Mezuzah with an appropriate youthful design will encourage the child to look forward to and enjoy this nightly ceremony.

Look through Ajudaica’s selection of children’s Mezuzah cases to find one that is attractive for you and matches the room’s décor. There is a choice of colors and designs. Many offer various sizes. All are cheerful and lively.

A low-cost wood Mezuzah case displays the letters of the alef beit. For boys, there is a car design. For the girls, Dorit Judaica offers a delicate pink floral theme. Yealat Chen entertains the children with an amusing Mezuzah – two children playing peek a boo behind a tree trunk; available with blue or pink stones. There are Mezuzah cases with balloons, butterflies, trees. Iris has adorable pink Mezuzahs that will delight the teenagers too.

Whilst taking pride in the delightful Mezuzah case for your children’s room, don’t forget the importance of a Kosher parchment scroll. Without it, there is no Mezuzah mitzvah. It should carry a recognized Kashrut certificate and be checked by an expert every few years.

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