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Antique or ancient style Stone Mezuzah Cases

Israel is a country that has a passion for archeological digs. Every unearthed stone tells a story of years gone by. Israel’s stones are its collective memory.

So, if you feel connected to the Land of Israel, you will want to carry in your home a piece of its precious stone. What more appropriate than a Mezuzah case made from the stones of Israel. The Mezuzah, symbol of protection that carries within it a sacred scroll inscribed with Biblical text, is an expression of Jewish identity and ties with the People of Israel.

Enjoy aJudaica’s choice of stone Mezuzah cases created by Alice and Brian Bergner of Caesarea Arts, leading artists for stone Judaica. Their studio, located in Caesarea on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is a source of inspiration for their magnificent stone Mezuzah case selection using stones quarried in Jerusalem or the Galilee.

Each stone is carefully polished so that you can enjoy its natural warm hues. The dignified Mezuzah case styles are in keeping with the stone’s distinguished appearance. The decorative carvings range from Biblical to ancient themes. A popular item is the Coronet Stone Mezuzah Case, displaying a sample of the Mezuzah parchment.

AJudaica also offers an intriguing Mezuzah case created by the prestigious Israeli artist Agayof. It displays an eloquent a sample of the Mezuzah parchment on the outside.

Whichever stone Mezuzah case you choose, make sure that its width fits your doorpost and that the scroll is smaller than the case so that it can be inserted comfortably without damaging the delicate parchment. We do not advise affixing a stone Mezuzah on any outside door where it is exposed to wind and rain. The stone is still a living material that absorbs moisture and climatic changes. Don’t forget that the parchment should be checked by an authentic expert twice in seven years.

Spend time making your choice. Whichever Mezuzah you finally select, we are sure it will bring you blessing, protection and many compliments.

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