Extra Large Old City Jerusalem design Mezuzah Case

Extra Large Old City Jerusalem design Mezuzah Case

7.9" / 20 cm

Product Description

This extra-large impressive Mezuzah case has a rounded smooth front with a shiny finish. It rests on a narrow plate decorated with an Old City Jerusalem design. The front displays the traditional “shin” letter. Made in Israel, it is waterproof and has a ten year guarantee.

We recommend this for a main door – whether it is your home, Synagogue or school. Its impressive appearance will serve as a prominent reminder of the importance of the mitzvah of mezuzah.

Note: The parchment is inserted at the back using the double tape provided. The size given here is that of the parchment - the case is 1” larger. There are holes at the top and bottom of the Mezuzah for screws to attach it to the wall.

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