Agayof Mayim Achronim Set

Agayof Mayim Achronim Set


Product Description

Enrich your Judaica collection with this magnificent Mayim Achronim set from master craftsman Avner Agayof. A sleek elegant anodized aluminum cup stands on a small bowl. Its lid is decorated with small geometric etched shaped through which the water flows as water from the cup is lightly poured over the fingers. Around are words from birchat ha'mazon

A choice of five contemporary colors.

Artist Avner Agayof's impressive array of Judaica items are all designed and produced in his Jerusalem studio. Each item is “Made in Israel” from start to finish!


Type: Mayim Achronim
Materials: anodized aluminium
Size: 17.5 x 14 cm/7" x 5.5"
Made in Jerusalem
Artist: Agayof

Copyright 2002-today
1 Imrei Baruch st. Bnei Brak 56109 Israel