Gelatin Powder derived from Fish - Certified Kosher

Gelatin Powder derived from Fish - Certified Kosher

  • Long-awaited Kosher gelatin
  • Package contains two packets
  • Recognized Kashrut seal
  • Preparation instructions below

Product Description

Now, at last, an undisputed Kosher gelatin is available for the consumer who is particular about the kashrut of his food products. Williger Food Co. offers a fish-derived gelatin carrying the highly respected Kosher certificate of Machzikei Belz and the Rabbinate of Sderot.

Each package contains two sachets of 28 gr.

Preparation (translation from Hebrew - written on the pack):
Mix the contents of one sachet with half a cup of milk or water.
Wait until it is fully melted about 25 minutes.
Heat on low gas stirring until a temp of 60-70 degrees is reached.
Stir until melted. Remove from heat. Cool.
Can be used for all recipes requiring gelatin


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Kosher gelatin powder
100% Kosher
two sachets of 28 gr. each


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