Israel Celebrating 70 Hebrew Audio CD 19 Songs - AMOS BARZEL

Israel Celebrating 70 Hebrew Audio CD 19 Songs - AMOS BARZEL

  • Celebrate 70th birthday of State of Israel
  • 19 Hebrew Songs Audio CD with text of words

Product Description

Wherever you are in the world, you too can celebrate the 70th birthday of the State of Israel. Join Amos Barzel’s Audio CD and sing the songs – some familiar and others new – that re-ignite loyalty to the Land of Israel. They remind us that we are one nation, united with hearts and thoughts directed to the Land of Israel.
Comes with words to all the songs.

•Shivim degalim – Seventy Flags
•Yom Holedet shel ha’medina – Birthday of the State
•Eretz Yisrael sheli – My Israel
•Degel Yisrael – The flag of Israel
•Tzivei Ha’moledet – The Colors of my Homeland
•Yisrael Bat Shivim – Israel is 70 Years Old
•Digli – My Flag
•Rokdim la’medinah – Dancing for the State
•Tiyul Mishpachti – A Family Outing
•Lev el Lev – Heart to Heart
•Anachnu Am Echad – We are One Nation
•Yachad Kadimah – Step Forward Together
•Niftach Daf Chadash – Start a New Page
•Yisrael, Ve’ain Lanu Acheret – Israel, There is Nothing else
•Bishvili u’bishvilech – For Me and For You
•Ve’Lanu Yesh Felafel – We have Felafel
•Nof Moladeto – Our Scenic Homeland
•Noladti Kan – I Was Born Here
•Hatikva – Israel’s National Anthem

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