Mineral Care Hydrolique Hydro Glow Night Cream - All Skin Types

Mineral Care Hydrolique Hydro Glow Night Cream - All Skin Types

50ml/1.7 fl oz

Product Description

The cornerstone of your nightly skin routine, this rich moisturizer works while you sleep, providing deep nourishment while maintaining skin moisture, preparing and repairing skin for a balanced glow every tomorrow.
Main ingredients
PentavitinTM – 100% plant derived, ensures instant deep hydration and generates a moisture reservoir that lasts for 72 hours
Borage Oil – A powerful natural oil for a healthy, young looking skin. This vegetal oil helps to maintain moisture levels and treats damaged skin.
Vitamin C – Aids in the production of Collagen
Hyaluronic Acid & Dead Sea minerals – for deep hydration and moisture retention
Algae Extract – brown algae, rich in nutrients and helps to inhibit elastase activity
Squalane – With similar fatty acid content as the skin, nourishes and softens skin.
Directions: Apply evenly to face, neck and neck
The results: An active hydration barrier locking in moisture resulting softer and smoother skin along with reduction in dry skin and flakiness


SKU: MC-7290016320510
Size: 50ml/1.7 fl oz
Brand: Mineral Care

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