Peace and Friendship Torah Mantel

Peace and Friendship Torah Mantel


Product Description

Combining modern brocade and duchesse satin fabrics on velvet, Israeli designer Chana Gamliel creates a beautiful multi-square border for the Hebrew words "Shalom v'Re'ut"- "Peace and Friendship". Meaningful and striking, this Torah mantel will never cease to engender 'wows'.

Hand-embroidered using lustrous brocades and duchesse satin appliques on velvet, this is a Torah mantel that is sure to inspire and delight!

Note: This Torah mantel will be 100% custom-made for you. Chana will personally harmonize your dedication text with the embroidered design to create a completely tailor-made masterpiece.


Size: Custom

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Special Features

Hebrew / English embroidery on Mantle, price per letter
You may choose to write either in Hebrew or English or both

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