Satin Matzah Cover - Exodus Design

Satin Matzah Cover - Exodus Design

Satin Matzah Cover - Exodus Design

Diameter: 14"/35.5 cm

Product Description

Jewish artists always discover new themes. This embroidered picture depicts the splitting of the Red Sea and the Jews crossing over on dry land. In a pretty floral design, the Hebrew words are embroidered, “Pessach- Holiday of Freedom”. At the base are the words from the Bible describing how the Sea split, “And the waters were a wall on their left and on their right”.

It is fascinating to read of the spectacular miracles that G-d performed when the Jews crossed the split sea… The walls of water dividing each of the tribes were transparent so the people could feel reassured to see each other; fruit trees grew on the walls so the children could stretch out their hands and help themselves; unlike usual sea water, this water was sweet and pleasant to drink.


SKU: SD-11
Size: Diameter: 14"/35.5 cm

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