Torah Pointers

These decorative Torah Scroll pointers, or "Yad", are a perfect gift for a Bar Mitzvah, Wedding, for your Rabbi and others, for use in the Synagogue.

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Torah Pointer or Yad

The eclectic collection of Torah pointers includes an electroform sterling silver one which is metal plated with silver, executed in a quality process in which the silver doesn't change color or peel. Then we feature the unique pointers by Yealat Chen, with Jewish designs such as pomegranates and Menorah, For a sleeker more contemporary look, and perfect as Bar Mitzvah gifts are the ultramodern rainbow pointers from Caesarea Arts, and the avant garde colors of the Agayof anodized aluminum ones, in shades including pink, purple and gold. Adi Sidler has a refreshing item in a modern style in colors of blue, green, gold and putple. This item is invaluable for the Torah reader and to the Bar Mitzvah boy who is performing his first Torah reading in the synagogue.

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