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The unique designs and materials used by Iris Braunstein Shemesh are inspired by floral and animal prints as well as the multicultural influences of her native Israel. The production process utilizes meticulous handwork and high quality control, ensuring exquisite and popular products.

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Showing 1-32 out of 81 items

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Think Israel, think Iris Shemesh.

Iris Shemesh Braunstein is the latest name in fashion jewelry, wall decorations and gift items. She began her career as a textile designer but soon found that she needed more outlet for her creativity and love of color. So, she gradually moved into the world of jewelry and Judaica. There, she has translated her passionate love for Israel's multicultural society into an amazing collection of bangles, bracelets, necklaces and earring jewelry and a selection of attractive Judaica items. Together, they reflect the dynamic and colorful rhythm of the Israeli culture and lifestyle.

Says Iris, "Israel, the melting pot of nationals from all over the world, is a vivacious country that flows with change and color. It is exciting to live and work here. I express this in my creative work because I want others to share with me my pride and joy to be a part of Israel's dynamic society."


Iris prides herself on producing individual quality craftwork. Each piece is absolutely unique. There is a meticulous attention to detail. She designs and paints the inside of the jewelry too. So, with Iris Design, you will enjoy a total experience of visual delight.

Her products are an explosion of color – bright, cheerful and vivacious. Her designs are wide-ranging – the world of natural, floral themes, ethnic symbols, romantic classic style or modern art. She uses various medium and materials: resin, silk papers, fabrics and hand paintings. Her enamel is set with chez crystal stones.


Iris Design's jewelry and decorations speak the language of joy and color. Whatever the theme, her products are all exciting and visually attractive. They will always be a pleasure to wear or display and they make perfect gifts to express love, friendship or appreciation.

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