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Dead Sea Products for Eye Care

Take good care of your eyes. They are your windows – to see and be seen!

Ajudaica’s choice of eye cosmetic preparation will keep your eyes looking their best – wherever or whenever - at all times of the day.

The first rule is to always remove eye makeup at the end of the day. No matter what the hour, use our H&B Remover wipes to ensure that your eyes can also relax and enjoy your beauty sleep. Keep a package next to your bed as a timely reminder.

Your eyes need special care because the skin around them is thinner than the rest of the body. There are also less oil glands. So, it is your eyes that will show the first signs of tiredness or the tell-tale signals of aging. Do not wait until your eyes are feeling tight and uncomfortable or until you see those wrinkles. Begin now to apply Ahava’s Gentle Eye Cream or Mineral Care’s Eye Serum. Both are excellent preparations filled with valuable skin nutrients that will effectively energize your eyes.

Eyes are often the first part of the body that show signs of aging. This is because they are in constant use - just blinking produces 10,000 eye movements a day! In addition, delicate eye skin is affected by the climate, smoking and sitting in front of a computer screen for many hours. All this leaves its mark on our eyes. Add to this the breakdown of collagen as we age and truly, the eyes will say it all!

To keep eyes fresh and young, make sure to include one of our anti-aging eye preparations in your eye care regimen. Use of one of aJudaica’s eye serums, anti-aging or anti-wrinkle eye creams. Mineral Care has prepared a rich eye and lip cream. Smooth on regularly and you will see and feel the difference.

Eyes have a language of their own and are a powerful tool of communication. There are more idioms and expressions in English referring to eyes than any other organ. Here are a few… catching someone’s eye, wide-eyed in surprise, an eagle eye, in the public eye or without batting an eye.

Your eyes reflect who you are and how you feel. They are expressive and meaningful. Ajudaica’s preparation will help to keep them that way!

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