Earrings by Adina Plastelina

Contemporary earrings with nature themes such as butterflies, hummingbirds, grape leaves and more are designed in Adina Plastelina's one of a kind thousand flower style. Chic, slick and lively, these earrings will attract attention and admiration!

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Showing 1-32 out of 42 items

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Earrings complement a beautiful outfit, adding a note of harmony that makes them the perfect fashion piece for day or evening wear. In the past, short or dangling earrings carried messages of status and identity. Today, they are worn as a jewelry item that expresses personality and individuality.

Meet Adina Plastelina. In her studio in the ancient town of Jaffa, Adina Plastelina designs and creates unique jewelry items, admired for their hallmark colors, themes and designs. Adina has perfected the ancient millefiori art, adapting it from ancient glass to polymer clay, reproducing the incredible mosaic look in magnificent shades of colors with an additional layer of gleaming sturdy enamel.

The vibrant colors of Adina Plastelina’s earrings convey optimism, a love of life and a passion for the kingdom of nature. She shares with us her love of butterflies, that ancient symbol of joy and rebirth. You will find them, graceful and sophisticated, in a choice of colors with extraordinary blending of shades and hues. Her birds in flight earrings will add a dramatic look to any outfit. Natural looking flowers and leaves come in a multitude of colors. If you are inclined to ethnic fashion, you will love her afro-style earrings. For the perfect gift of love, consider her heart and star earrings.

Most of the earrings come with a choice of a sterling silver or gold plated frame. Each set carries its own individual charm. Many of the earrings match Adina Plastelina necklaces, offering an opportunity to match up a magnificent set.

Every pair of Adina Plastelina earrings is a perfect fashion piece - an impeccable addition to any jewelry collection. Whatever the time or place, they will always enhance your outfit and leave a lasting impression. So, wear her jewelry with pride and joy, knowing that it has been created by an artist who seek the beauty within every women.

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